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Kristin Steede, the Biggest Loser

'The flower that blooms in adversity
is the most rare and beautiful of all...'
The Emperor, Mulan

Picture from www.nbc.com/biggestloser

     My new inspiration comes from a beautiful soul, inside and out. I have always loved watching NBC's THE BIGGEST LOSER, but never could I find someone I could could identify with...Until this season...this season brought me Kristin, a beautiful bounce of energy and enthusiasm for life and losing weight. Hailing from Greenville, Wisconsin, she is smart, pretty, spunky and a great supporter to friends and family alike. Not only has she married her High School Sweetheart, but she also owns her own business. She was approximately the same height and age I was when I started really spiraling out of control, but unlike Kristin, it took me 10 years of reality to really get me motivated, and I have her to thank for it! Every week, she is compassionate, loving and giving to all her new blue teammates. She has never seen her weight as an obstacle to her self esteem, but knows that it will help her in the long run to her personal goal of becoming a mom. Cathy, her beautiful mother and original purple teammate is her biggest supporter. It is a true joy to watch Kristin get on the scale, push through the pop challenges and "Last Chance Workouts" every week, and regardless of gain or lose, she picks herself up, brushes herself off and tries again.  Kudos to you, Kristin. May we both see ONEderland together!!!!



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