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MY Prince
As little girls, we are fed the story of wishing on a star and finding our one true love, our Prince Charming, who one day would magically appear on the scene and steal our hearts. Few of us are fortunate to find such a man. I was one of the lucky ones.
I was always fun and outgoing as a teenager and even as an adult. I loved to hang out with my best friends, going to concerts and comedy clubs, and even to the occasional wedding. It was, in fact a wedding that brought Donald and I together, but not in the traditional sense.
Coann, my best friend Jenn's sister was getting married in an afternoon ceremony with a gorgeous reception at a seminary. The food was delicious, the music wonderful, and the company pleasant. But this princess felt all alone at this glorious event, with no prince to escort her.
After doing the conga and downing another glass of champagne, I found myself in the garden, by a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I sat down and contemplated her beautiful, serene face, and how she seemed so complacent, so calm in the moonlight.
I looked up at her, and made the Sign of the Cross, whispering a quick Hail Mary, then looked beyond her to a sky full of stars. "Star light, star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might . . . .have this wish I wish tonight...Lord, please help me find a boyfriend and not feel so alone in this world anymore," I whispered to a twinkling sky . . .
A few weeks passed, and I found myself in the midst of my first well deserved summer vacation as a teacher. I was spending time with my best friend and her family, and chatting on America Online. Jenn and I were starting a book project and I was getting ready to start planning for the new school year.
We spent every Sunday watching Highlander and drafting character sketches for the book, mostly the romantic leads...mine read as follows:
"Sandy blonde hair, blue green eyes with a twinkle, 5'9", approximately 185 lbs, and a gentle smile..."  He was so dreamy in my eyes, and the perfect guy, one I knew only existed in my mind . . .or did he???
 . . .after a few failed attempts at trying to find a boyfriend using AoL, I signed on one fateful night, July 31, 1997...amid all the Instant Messages, I answered one that changed my destiny, that of Joseph0171...
"Hi! Nice profile, wanna chat?" he asked . . .I answered back, "Sure!" The person was Donald, from northern New Hampshire, in a sleepy town nestled high in the White Mountains above Franconia Notch . . .we met a week later, and to my surprise, he fit the description of my hero to a "t", complete with a beautiful smile and a twinkle in his eye.
We had a whirlwind relationship, becoming engaged only three months after we had met. Donald became an instant "son" to my dad, and I became known as "the girl his mother dreamed about" a few months before that enchanted evening on AoL. Donald is my soulmate, my lover, my best friend, my husband, my boyfriend, and most of all, my prince a great match this princess's spirit. He has helped me through some tough times (we lost my Grammy the New Years we were engaged, and my father three short weeks before our wedding) and some great times (becoming the computer teacher at my school), and for that I am truly grateful. Donald is also my cheerleader, the biggest supporter of my weight loss.
There is an old saying that if you find your kindred spirit, it is like looking into a mirror. And I now know that the reflection smiling back at me is my Prince amongst men. People often say to me, how did I know that Donald was the one for me, and I say it was as simple as wishing on a star.

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