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Once upon a time there lived a princess . . . who lived in a beautiful castle in Southern New Hampshire. She had a good life: a wonderful husband named Donald, a beautiful house in an enchanted forest, and a terrific job as a computer technology teacher in a parochial school. She loved living in her mouse house and her job was great! But when she looked in the mirror, she didn't like what she saw. She knew because of her Type II diabetes, she had to lose weight and do it the right way. There was a Weight Watchers right down the street and she had been successful before on program. With her husband's support and undying love, she started back on program December 19, 2005 for the last and final time.
Now, more than ever, she is determined more than ever to enter into the enchanted, magical kingdom called ONEderland, where several of her online buddies have just entered into, and others are ready to pass through its gates.



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