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What is a Princess?
by mic331~Princess of Pep (-80.8 pounds as of 12.26.02)
posted on the 50+ board July '02

a princess is second only to the Queen and even that is debatable
a princess can do no wrong, even on WI day!
a princess is always beautiful even with bed-head
a princess is always a lady, except when cut off on the highway!
a princess holds wonderful parties except when the dog eats the roast
a princess wears silk and satin (o.k. maybe in underwear but it counts)
a princess is chased by all the princes and the garage guy named Chuck
a princess eats like a bird, always using the right fork except when the fork is a shovel
a princess has the ability to stop traffic, even the  Citibus!*
a princess never says "I can't . . .", she always says, "I choose not to. . ."*
a princess never sweats, she "perspires"*

but most of all a princess is loved by all the land for she is the most wonderful of all!

a princess can find the guacamole at WalMart for a total stranger, be flirted with by that same stranger and still be adored by her prince!**

(*added by yours truly after a great WI on 2 January 2006)
(**added by yours truly after a fantastic WI on 4 March 2009)


Thank you, mic!


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